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Pain Relief Patch ( Knee Cervical Lumbar)

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Improving Blood Circulation is the best approach to provide relief. This can take various forms, such as Massages, Exercises, Applying Heat on affected areas using various Electronic Massagers or non-Electronic products like Moxibustion etc. However, one of the most popular and convenient approach is to use Medicated Plasters that provides some Heat Treatment using carefully selected Ingredients. 

Our Plasters are specifically designed to ergonomically fit the Cervical Spine and waist,knee amd lumbar and use specially formulated and fully natural Herbal Extracts like Wormwood, Safflower, Wild Celery, Osmanthus Oil, etc. and have traces of Magnetic Powder, etc. It is specifically formulated to provide Deep Penetrating Heat to provide Relief for hours, and have a very nice smell and unique Green Colour to differentiate from common plasters. 

It is also made of quality woven fabric material that allows easy breathing for skin so you can wear for hours. 


- Our Product may not Heat up as quickly as other products, but can last longer than most other products

- Not suitable for Pregnant Ladies

- Do not use on wounds or Damaged Skins

- Do not use if you are allergic to Aspirin or Salicylates

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