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Kick starts the new year 2024 with Big Baby Expo that was held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC KL) on 18th January 2024 to 21st January 2024. The Big Baby Expo is an expo for new & expected parents which it is described as a one-stop shopping destination for everything baby. From comparing, getting instant expert advice and enjoying exclusive deals. Proxima Global is not an exception to join this big event, and it was not our first one too.

For this round, we had dispayed various products to sell during the expo, from baby 3D surgical face mask, kids 3d surgical face mask, cough relief patch, motion sickness patch and many other more for our new & expecting parents to browse through. Samples of our surgical face mask were being display, and cough relief patch were also distributed for free during the whole 4 days expo to let everyone have an in-depth experience for our products. Through this experience, many new & expecting parents were curious and skeptical on our products and were very supportive as our team deliver our best to educate them with the benefits and guidance regarding our products. Many were thrilled and overwhelmed, joined by positive feedback from the exposure that our team delivered during that day.


Thanks to all the supportive parents that had stop by our booth and willing know learn more about our products and also to give it a try and potentially building trust within our products.  


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