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Baby Fest Putrajaya, held from October 6 to 8, 2023, was a significant event for parents and caregivers seeking practical solutions to common parenting challenges. Proxima, a dedicated participant, showcased their innovative products—the Cough Relief Patch and the Motion Sickness Patch. The event brought together a community of parents, experts, and support, making it a hub of knowledge and innovation.

Proxima’s participation added a unique touch to the event, emphasizing hands-on experience and expert support. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with these innovative solutions directly. Proxima’s team was present to provide guidance, answer questions, and share insights on how to use the products effectively.

This approach aimed to make parents' lives easier by addressing two significant parenting challenges: managing persistent coughs in children and addressing motion sickness during family travels. The Cough Relief Patch and Motion Sickness Patch were introduced as practical, effective solutions to improve the well-being of children and provide parents with much-needed support.

Baby Fest Putrajaya wasn't just an event; it was a supportive community where parents could connect, share their experiences, and gather knowledge from experts and peers. Proxima’s participation in this event highlighted their commitment to enhancing the parenting journey and helping families navigate common health issues with confidence and ease.

As Baby Fest Putrajaya concluded, Proxima reaffirmed its dedication to supporting parents and caregivers in their journey of raising healthy and happy children. The event was a testament to the power of community and innovation, where practical solutions met the expertise of Proxima to make parenting more manageable and enjoyable. 

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